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  1. @Admin @Bee have forwarded a request to CERT - IN to ban this website.Under sec69 A you are suppose to remove the pics and help people...As there is no response we had to take this step. WORST MODERATOR SUPPORT
  2. Well @Admihave a proof to show you that please kindly remove,let me know if you require the proof can share it by email...Please kindly remove its been a long time request. @Bee @Rowdy
  3. @Admin @Bee @KNOWNK @Rowdy Admin we have already lodged request to kindly remove this link. The content is of an underage girl which directly contradicts with your guidelines. We have an official case filed and the guy who leaked this is already in jail. Kindly remove this content. I have already requested but have received no replies....If any steps arent taken in the next 24 hours we might get this to cyber cell...Hope you understand Below is the link https://www.file-upload.org/p8n30szdly7h https://upfiles.com/66L24 https://dgdrive.pro/7nxu66a27njy
  4. @Frozen @Admin Have reaised several request...just wanted to know whom to send and how to send pics removal request....please if you can guide and help its urgent
  5. @Admin @Bee @Rowdy @KNOWNK I have been emailing DMCA for removal of pics for more then 5 days for removal of pictures. I have not received any response regarding the same neither has the pics been taking off, i hope you people can help.Please let me know what you need for deletion below is the thread link. She is a family member and this has been posted without consent.I request immediate removel of the pictures.I myself uploaded a pic as a proof as well as told by one user. Please delete the post we have filed a complaint regarding the same. @KNOWNK Below is the link of thread to be deleted Admins kindly delete the post @Admin@Bee
  6. @AdminAdministrator i need your urgent help, its very important.I am not able to send you any text message..Have also tried to contact DMCA...please message me or give me an email need to remove something thats very important.It is life threatening pleasee humble request Admin
  8. How to delete revenge post made by others, can you please assist.Is there a email id how shall we get the post removed...you response asap is appreciated
  9. Bhai toh abhi kaha gayi,kisse ka toh contact hoga us bandhe see...just incase hai toh dedo
  10. Guys need your help, i need the pornhub guys link that has been posted please if you can post the link of her videos which were on pornhub plz
  11. @Frozen Hi frozen bro first of all a very big thank you for all these wonderdul exclusive post..wanted to connect with you tried sending you a text but was not possible if you can please text me someway to talk with you in pvt..
  12. @The Professor we need more of her she is super hot if you can post more of her if u have or can source.
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